Sai Inpatient Resources, LLC Company Profile

Sai Inpatient Resources, LLC Sai Inpatient Resources LLC (”Sai”) started as a single-physician hospitalist practice in 2005, and has grown rapidly to become a respected provider of high quality medical care in hospital settings in New Jersey. President and Founder, Dr. Bhagya Sastri, is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician who has practiced Hospital Medicine since its inception in New Jersey in 2001. Since 2005, Sai has grown to a team of over 20 physicians and nurse practitioners with a combined experience of over 100 years. Our dedicated health care specialists provide care for over thirty five thousand patient visits annually. Our physicians and health professionals are experts in hospital care, and are dedicated to serving the communities they live in. Everything we do is guided by one overarching mission: Delivering Excellent Patient Care in Hospital Settings, in an Efficient Manner. Fulfilling Sai’s mission begins with building and maintaining excellent clinical capabilities, but calls upon us to serve all members of the patient care network: hospitals, primary care physicians, sub-specialists and patients. Sai physicians and health professionals are dedicated, respected members of the medical community where our practice operates. Our management understands the extraordinary pressures on the healthcare systems and hospitals. We focus on long- term service relationships with physicians, and on creating win-win partnerships with hospitals.

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