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Deer Oaks Behavioral Health Deer Oaks has been in operation since 1992, and is owned by Dr. Paul Boskind, a psychologist, and managed by clinicians who are experts in the field of geriatric behavioral health. Starting in San Antonio, Texas, we have expanded throughout Texas providing mental health services to children, families and the elderly. Over time, Deer Oaks recognized the significant need for mental health services in the long term care setting, and began to shift its focus away from the traditional community-based mental health population to move toward a specialization in geriatric psychology and mental health services in long term care facilities. Throughout the years, Deer Oaks has built a strong clinical team, and the company developed an APPIC approved geriatric psychology residency program and a geriatric psychology re-specialization program. In addition, Deer Oaks has developed a structured training model that allows us to hire Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians Assistants who desire to become geriatric specialists. Although we train in geriatric behavioral health, Deer Oaks also cultivates the specific skills necessary to practice within a long term care setting. We are focused on providing evidence based treatment for mental health issues as well as excellent customer service to the family, treatment team and other stakeholders involved in the lives of our patients. Deer Oaks has extensive experience and expertise with Medicare and Medicaid regulations, as well as the flexibility necessary to work with multiple state and managed Medicaid systems. Today, Deer Oaks has expanded beyond Texas, and is now has operating in 27 states throughout the US, and is still growing rapidly with an Employee Assistance Program under our company umbrella.

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