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Advancing the most

important industry.

Based in Florida, servicing nationwide.
We help skilled individuals and facilities find long-lasting partnerships within healthcare. CMR Recruiting believes in establishing personal connections with our candidates and employers, and works to maintain them even after the hiring process.

Our goal.

The solution seems simple, get staff!
Unfortunately, it has not been that easy. HR departments are having trouble finding the time to properly locate and vet qualified and skilled long-term workers.
This is where we come in.
CMR is purely dedicated to tracking down the most qualified network of candidates that are looking to work in the healthcare space.
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How CMR is supporting

healthcare workers.

CMR uses numerous social media and advertising platforms to find quality positions for quality candidates.
With your trust, we know we can provide the most valuable opportunities for job-seekers and high-caliber employees for your facility.

Vet candidates & match with facilities

We put time into getting to know facilities and candidates on a personal level to find the most suitable match.

Negotiate salary on their behalf

Ensuring you're being valued (and adequately compensated) for the hard work you do.

We work with your schedule

Having trouble finding time to job-hunt?
We'll work around your availability to help you find the best position for you.

Amazing referral program

Be a part of our network!
Refer future candidates and get up to $2,000.

Personalized recruiting process

Ticking the right boxes is not all that counts. We ensure each candidate is individually matched with the facility that's best suited for them.

Multiple healthcare connections

We work nationwide with Nursing Homes, Psychological and Drug Rehabs, Primary Care and Women's Health Facilities, and more!