Chair of Physician Assistant Studies

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AC 16123
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Physician Assistant - Academic
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Texas -Galveston
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Permanent - Full Time
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Chair for Physician Assistant Studies & Associate Professor

Houston/Galveston metro area




UTMB has maintained continuous accreditation from ARC-PA since February 1973. The UTMB PA Program consistently exceeds the PANCE first-time pass rate nationally. Their five-year average pass rate for first-time takers is 98% compared to 95% nationally. UTMB PA students not only train at UTMB's own hospitals and clinics, but at a variety of clinical settings and facilities in urban, rural, and metropolitan areas of the state in family medicine, women's health, pediatrics, surgery, and general internal medicine. UTMB's full-time PA Program faculty have well over 100 years of clinical experience combined! They come from diverse clinical experiences in primary care and are respected in their specialty areas, such as cardiology, infectious disease, pediatrics, rheumatology, hepatology, orthopedic surgery, neurology, and research. Currently, over 35% of full-time PA Program faculty possess doctoral degrees.




Specific Job-Related Duties

  • Provide leadership and direction to departmental faculty on matters of curriculum and instruction
  • Ensure that accreditation standards are met and that best educational practices in the field are known and applied by faculty
  • Develop and apply effective mechanisms for course and curriculum improvement, including annual surveys of graduates
  • Responsible for faculty recruitment, retention, and development including identifying development needs and utilizing appropriate school and institutional resources to address
  • Provide for and document regular and useful faculty evaluation and feedback activities
  • Develop, maintain and implement recruitment strategies that are sufficient to maintain enrollment at program capacity
  • Attend to issues influencing faculty, staff and student morale
  • Ensure compliance with institutional and system personnel policies as well as all ARC-PA standards
  • Provide for regular staff evaluation and development
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to enhance public relations through institutional, local, regional and national media reports, through public appearances and through social interaction
  • Manage expenditures and enhance revenues to create a balanced operational budget
  • Identify, foster and assist in obtaining training and research grants sufficient to offset any operating deficits
  • Identify and cultivate development opportunities (e.g., donations, grants, and bequests for scholarships and endowments; revenue generating activities) in collaboration with the Office of Development and the Dean’s office
  • Be familiar with system, institution and schoolwide policies regarding fiscal and resource management and demonstrate and expect compliance with them
  • Foster interdisciplinary participation in education and service and encourage respect for all health care disciplines among faculty, staff, and students
  • Actively participate in schoolwide direction-setting and governance
  • Demonstrate leadership by example in service to school, university and community locally, regionally and nationally
  • Develop and implement strategies to ensure a continuous stream of highly qualified student applicants into the program sufficient to meet capacity
  • Encourage diversity, equity, and objectivity in student recruitment and selection
  • Foster curricular and instructional approaches that recognize differences in individual learning, that encourage problem-solving, and that facilitate the acquisition of competencies and skills in the most efficient and effective manner possible


Minimum Qualifications

  • A minimum of three-years experience as a PA program faculty member as well as a minimum of three-years experience working as a PA or Physician
  • Significant experience in PA education as a Program Director (preferred) or alternatively as Director of Didactic Education or Director of Clinical Education
  • Eligible for an appointment at the Associate Professor or Professor Level
  • A Master’s degree in a related field or MD/DO degree or equivalent
  • Licensed or eligible for licensure as a PA or physician in Texas
  • Current NCCPA certification if a PA; current specialty board if a MD/DO

Job Posted: 01/17/18

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