SW Michigan - Cardiothoracic PA - 2 Hours from Chicago - 2 Hours from Detroit

Duration: Permanent - Full Time
Job ID: 11-051901 (21843919)
Contact: Lisa Lucas    Call: 248-241-6618
Job Posted: 09/23/2022

SW Michigan - Cardiothoracic PA - 2 Hours from Chicago - 2 Hours from Detroit - 11-051901 (21843919)

We are seeking an experienced Cardiothoracic PA for an opportunity in SW Michigan.  This is an excellent opportunity to join a program with renown surgeons.  This opportunity is 2 hours from Chicago and 2 hours from Detroit.  

  • Provide preoperative preparation, operative assistance and postoperative clinical management services
  • Participates as first assistant in the operating room
  • In emergency situations, stabilize, provides direct patient care, assesses and administers lifesaving procedures and medications pending availability of physician  
  • Obtain and evaluate medical histories, performs physical examinations, performs therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, and orders laboratory studies, radiographs, electrocardiograms, and other special examinations
  • Analyze and interprets data, formulates problem lists, and establishes plans for solutions to clinical problems
  • Counsels patients on medical problems, use of drugs, expected effects of treatment, family planning, child care, diet, and other therapeutic health maintenance matters
  • Coordinates patient care with other members of health care team
  • Perform and/or coordinate discharge planning including writing prescriptions, filling out individual medication sheets, arranging Home Health care, cardiac rehab and other services as indicated by patient needs, and discussing short term plans daily with patient and family members.

Please call Traci at (248) 241-6618 or email (click on the Apply button to request more info about the job) for more details.