Terms of Use

This Employer Service Agreement (TERMS) becomes automatically effective and is agreed upon when user successfully logs into their account. Terms are subject to change without notice.

Client is responsible for complying with all employment and equal opportunity laws, all other applicable federal, state and local laws, and for ensuring that the job posting(s) comply with all laws.
Account Security:
One company name listed as Client, with one recruiting location per base membership. Additional (US only) recruiting locations may have account access when Power Packs are added to the account. Client agrees not to share, distribute or resell their assigned employer PAJobSite.com username and password. Client agrees to post jobs that only contain client company name and branding. Only officers, directors or employees of Client company may have access to this information and the codes should be changed by said Client when staff changes arise.
Candidate Security:
The resume (CV) database is to be directly accessed (no bots or scraping tools) and used solely by the subscribing client, for internal use only. Client agrees to limit the use of PAJobSite.com for locating candidates for existing, bonafide career opportunities. Client agrees not to share, distribute or resell candidate identities sourced in any form from PAJobSite.com, and to take reasonable precautions to prevent such distribution.
PAJobSite.com reserves the right to limit use of the resume (CV) database, including the number and/or frequency of views and outgoing emails. PAJobSite.com reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate accounts if PAJobSite.com suspects that these Terms of Use have been breached, or that the database is being misused.
Link Policy:
Clients agree not to use links on any data posted on PAJobSite.com that re-directs from the website. Clients must use target="_blank" if a link is required. If a re-direct link is found, the O.I.S. Media, Inc. staff reserves the right to remove the listing without notification.
Job Security:
Clients agree not to contact other PAJobSite.com clients to solicit recruiting services or a split agreement using or with information found in the PAJobSite.com job database.
Client and all staff either employed or contract agrees not to register as a physician on PAJobSite.com. Posting of such misleading information will result in blocking total access of PAJobSite.com to said client and the account may be terminated without notice or refund of any payments made.
The look, feel, name (sounds like or direct), navigation and content of this website are the property of O.I.S. Media, Inc. Any attempt to copy, download, scrape, spam, hack, take, steal, cut, fish, create similar product or reload to you, your company or your site manually or by robot, for any reason, is forbidden and will result in account termination without refund.
Conflict of Interest:
If client company, client employee or client-affiliated company builds or manages a job board then client account will be terminated without notice or refund.
By logging into your account you agree to the Terms of Use and the compensation agreement found here. Customer authorizes O.I.S. Media, Inc. to charge the credit card on file, recurring payments associated with the membership services selected. Credit card charge(s) will appear on your credit card statement as "O.I.S. Media, Inc." All memberships are recurring and will continue to be billed according to the selection made upon initial registration. To make changes to the membership and/or recurring payments, Customer must submit a ticket to Billing using the Contact Us link from inside Customers account. A charge from O.I.S. Media, Inc. will appear on your credit card statement. Should the credit card decline the account will be deactivated. If a payment is returned/reversed for any reason, the customer will be charged a $45.00 returned payment fee. Once the credit card on file has been charged, a refund will not be issued. Any changes to membership terms require written notice no later than close of business (4:00 pm Central Standard Time), 3 business days prior to scheduled billing date and changes must be submitted through the Contact Us link.
Client shall indemnify O.I.S. Media, Inc. (D.B.A. PAJobSite.com) and each of its officers, directors or employees and hold each such person harmless from and against service outage, loss, claim, damage or any liability arising out of, or in connection with, this Agreement, including the costs and expenses of defending against any claim or liability.
PAJobSite.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access and use at any time if PAJobSite.com determines that you are in breach of any of these Terms of Use or for any reason without refund.